Mobile Strategic Development

Mobile Strategic Development for mobile internet access is now one of the main ingredients that companies should be focusing there efforts on.

Over the past decade there has been a huge surge in mobile growth from a consumer level right through to a business logistical level, in fact almost everywhere and everyone is affected.

The United Nations recently announced that 6 Billion people worldwide now have access to a mobile device. Facts like this highlight just how important it is to be in the know in all areas of mobile technology.

It is surprising how little planning goes into developing mobile applications, which is quite surprising considering the potential reach that they have around the world. Most mobile apps, once installed on a mobile device, are never used again, the statistic is 1 in 4 are not used again. This shows that the need for a solid and comprehensive Mobile Strategy, this clearly is one of the missing ingredients for the unsuccessful apps.

The rush factor is often the main reason why organisations don’t invest heavily in the SWOT analysis of the proposed mobile app, just to complete this basic review would be enough.

The actual development of the app, is also one of the main core elements to ensure a strategy is laid out, for the developer and the designer, often these 2 skillsets are separate. Implementing an API First approach is clearly an advantage in some ways, as it can assist with flexible adjustments on the fly. Developing a collection of REST / JSON API’s can greatly assist the dev team, as it frees up time with the data management and recording, this is one of the keys to success to consider. API’s as a rule accelerate mobile tech innovation in ways that non Technical people wouldn’t really appreciate, mainly due to the complicated coding factors, that they have limited knowledge in. More interesting resources can be found on the Princeton website here.

The other area to ensure a Strategy exists for is the User Interactivity with the mobile application, If a typical user, or a typical target audience member cant understand how to navigate or make use of the app, then its a clear failure, even before launch.  Planning is key and we recommend setting up focus groups, before, during and after the app has been developed, as this ensures that the main goals are achieved and signed off on, whilst being implemented.

Added Resources for Mobile Development have been added below:

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