Welcome to Frapp-e.com

Creating a mobile strategy for any businesses website, is an absolute intergral part of the marketing mix.

With users opting to use mobile devices more than typical desktop computers, the logic is blatantly obvious to everyone especially in 2016.

Companies such as Google, often favour websites that are Mobile Friendly, by elavating them within the search results, as well as adding a “Mobile Friendly” comment next to the listing description.

The team at Frapp-e.com have been working for over a decade on all things “Mobile Related” and we are determined to not just stop here.

Our aim is to assist all walks of life, as well as all types of educational and commerce based organisations, in achieving a mobile tech based stategy.

In addition we aim to work closely with large organisations, with a view to rolling our more accessible technology to compliment this Industry.

The Google Mobile Friendly test can be completed here, in order to verify that your website is acceptable for mobile users,

Mobile is the future along with AI and touch-free technology.


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